Financial Coaching – Part Of The Service

by Kristen

For the last year (almost), Kristen has been undertaking training with Catherine Morgan and The Money Panel to become a Certified Financial Coach.

As the training is nearing the end, Kristen has launched a standalone financial coaching business, Luna. Please do have a look at the website for all the information on this exciting new project.

What does it mean for Red Star Wealth?

Asked this question, Kristen said “For over 20 years I have spent hours and hours talking with my clients about their money, not just the figures but what it means to them, their ambitions, their security. I have always understood that our financial beliefs are about more than just the money. It is about what money represents.

Having also supported a lot of clients through emotionally very difficult times – divorce, death, redundancy or loss of a business – I have seen how sometimes our beliefs about money, having it, spending it, or keeping hold of it, can be challenged by deep seated beliefs which no longer serve us.

Training began in April to show me how to better understand money narratives and how I can support clients at Red Star Wealth to find their own version of financial peace. I truly believe this is going to make me an even better financial planner, and more valuable to my amazing clients”.

Would you like to know more?

If so, Kristen is very happy to speak to any clients of Red Star, or our professional partners, about how this additional service can be of benefit. Simply contact Kristen for more information.


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